10 ways to entertain around a fire pit

10 Ways to Entertain Around a Fire Pit

02/23/2022|by Jason Klein

Whether on frigid winter evenings, or the warm evenings of summer, there is nothing like a fire pit to take your outdoor space to the next level. Bringing imagination, w armth, and entertainment, a safely designed fire feature provides the backdrop for creating memories and enjoying those most important to you. Let's take a look at 10 ways to entertain around a fire pit in your own backyard. 

Safety First

Since a fire pit does contain, well… fire, proper precautions must be followed to keep your home and loved ones safe.

  • Only use a wood-burning fire pit on dirt or other non-combustible material
  • Maintain vertical clearance from flammable vegetation and branches
  • Keep a 10-foot radius perimeter from structures
  • Use a safety screen or spark arrester in arid areas. 

For more on fire pit safety, check out our post, "How to Keep Your Gas Fire Feature Safe."

Here are 10 Ways to Entertain Around the Fire

01 | Scary Stories – The sound of burning embers is the perfect soundtrack for tales of suspense and mystery.

02 | Movie Night – The fire pit brings instant ambiance and drama to your outdoor theater. Hang a sheet, grab the popcorn, crank the sound, and remember to silence your cellphones

03 | Camping – A fire pit allows for spontaneous camping outdoors without the packing, four-hour drive, and lack of amenities (your bathroom is still right there!)

04 | Hot Cocoa, Coffee, Wine – These were made for sipping around a fire, and let's face it, everything just tastes better around the fire.

05 | Games – Charades, trivia, shadow puppets, card games – limitless options for entertainment and sharing.

06 | S'Mores (Roasting Marshmallows) – Whatever your taste, from slow-roasted to cremated, children (and adults) never get tired of this North American tradition.

07 | Dinner – Whether for family dinner or hosting a party, the fire pit is intrinsically thematic to bring any meal to new life.

08 | Grab Your Guitar – Singing songs around the fire can be both joyful and creative for the musically inclined.

09 | Stargazing – Today, we rarely take the time to slow down and dream. Gazing at the heavens is a great way to slow down, meditate, and wonder.

10 | Meaningful Conversations – The fire pit provides an inviting atmosphere for discussing important topics, such as setting goals, discussing the future, heart matters, etc. 

Don't Miss Out on Memorable Experiences

These are just a few examples of what can be enjoyed around your very own fire pit. Sometimes, life moves too fast that memory-making is relegated to the non-immediate-list. An outdoor fire feature provides a grounded, easy way to slow down and invest in those unforgettable experiences with your family and friends. So, gather your loved ones, spark up a warm conversation, and let the memories begin!

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