Achieve a new level of ambiance with the pro series burner systems

Achieve A New Level of Ambiance with the Pro Series Burner Systems

01/10/2024|by Jason Klein

For homeowners looking to build a custom firepit for their outdoor living space, the search for quality, versatility, and style ends with Firegear's Pro Series Burner Systems. This professional-grade solution offers a seamless blend of function and aesthetics, transforming your outdoor area into a warm, inviting oasis that sparks conversations and creates lasting memories. Let's explore how you can achieve a new level of ambiance with the Pro Series Burner Systems from Firegear.

Achieve A New Level of Ambiance with the Pro Series Burner Systems

Professional-Grade Quality and Performance with Firegear's Pro Series Burner Systems

When it comes to your outdoor living space, adding a custom firepit can completely transform the atmosphere. Firegear's Pro Series Burner Systems offer the ultimate solution for homeowners who want professional-grade quality and performance. With everything from enclosures and ignition systems to SRW/Paver Kits and fire media, the possibilities are endless.

Not only does Firegear provide the necessary components for your dream fire pit, but it also prides itself on the quality and performance of its products. You can trust that your Firegear Pro Series Burner System will continue to impress for years.

Unmatched Versatility and Style

Firegear's Pro Series Burner Systems come in various formats, including round, square, and linear, offering unmatched versatility. Whether your aesthetic leans towards modern minimalism or rustic charm, these burner systems seamlessly adapt, enhancing your outdoor space's overall look and feel. Crafted with high-quality brass, the Pro Series Burner Systems add a touch of luxury that is hard to ignore.

Ignition Systems: Simplicity Meets Safety

Firegear understands that different homeowners have different needs. Hence, they offer a variety of ignition systems to match your lifestyle and preferences. The standard match throw system provides simplicity, making your fire-starting experience straightforward and fuss-free.

The safety ignition system is your go-to option if you're seeking added convenience and peace of mind. But if you want the pinnacle of ease and control, the AWS System is the perfect fit. It ensures effortless control and customization, allowing you to adjust your fire's intensity to match your mood or the occasion.

A Mesmerizing Flame Like No Other

At the heart of Firegear's Pro Series Burner Systems is the unique injector-style orifice. This innovative feature creates a mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind flame that becomes the focal point of your outdoor space. It sets the stage for unforgettable moments around the fire, whether you're hosting a backyard party or enjoying a quiet evening under the stars.

Personalize Your Firepit with Accessories and Kits

To further enhance your custom firepit, Firegear offers a wide range of accessories and kits. Choose from SRW/Paver Kits to give your firepit a professional finish, or opt for fire media and jewelry to add a touch of personal style.

For those seeking a more tailored solution, Firegear provides a Custom Projects Form. This allows you to share specific details and requirements for your firepit, ensuring a solution that is uniquely yours.

Achieve A New Level of Ambiance with the Pro Series Burner Systems

The Benefits of a Custom Gas Fire Pit in Your Backyard

Who doesn't love sitting around a fire pit in their backyard, enjoying the warmth and the company of friends and family? A fire pit is an excellent spot for gatherings, roasting marshmallows, or just relaxing after a long day. But have you thought about getting a custom gas fire pit for your backyard? While traditional fire pits are great, a gas fire pit has added benefits that make it a smart investment for any homeowner. Here are some reasons a custom gas fire pit is worth considering.

Easy to Use

One of the most significant advantages of a custom gas fire pit is its convenience. With a traditional fire pit, you must gather wood, start a fire, and then deal with ash and smoke. With a gas fire pit, you only need to flip a switch, and you'll have a fire going in seconds. There's no need to worry about buying and storing firewood, starting fires, or dealing with ashes and smoke.

Low Maintenance

Another significant advantage of a gas fire pit is its low maintenance requirements. Traditional fire pits require upkeep and regular cleaning to remain safe and functional. With a gas fire pit, you won't have to worry about cleaning up ashes or dealing with the debris. Keep the area around the fire pit tidy, and the gas system will handle the rest.

Safe and Efficient

Unlike traditional fire pits, a gas fire pit is safer to use. No open flame or embers are spilling over, reducing the risk of fire accidents. Plus, it's more efficient than a wood-burning fire pit because it uses gas. You'll need less fuel to keep the fire going, which means you'll save money in the long run.


A custom gas fire pit lets you personalize the design and features to meet your preferences and needs. You can choose from different shapes, sizes, materials, and features, such as a built-in grill or a burner cover. With a custom fire pit, you can create a focal point that reflects your style and complements your outdoor space's design.

Enjoyable Year-Round

A gas fire pit provides warmth and ambiance all year round, even in chilly weather. You can use it when the temperatures dip or on cool summer nights, making it a versatile and exciting addition to your backyard. Plus, turning off when you're done is easy, so you won't have to worry about residual smoke or embers that can smolder for hours.

Achieve A New Level of Ambiance with the Pro Series Burner Systems

Begin Your Custom Firepit Journey Today

Building a custom firepit is an exciting journey that transforms your outdoor living space into a personal retreat. By choosing Firegear's Pro Series Burner Systems, you're investing in high-quality craftsmanship, versatility, and style.

Firegear's Pro Series Burner Systems are the perfect choice for homeowners looking to build a custom firepit. With their top-tier quality, versatility, and range of accessories, these burner systems offer unmatched style and functionality. So why wait? Start building your dream firepit with Firegear's Pro Series Burner Systems today, and step into a world of warmth, style, and unforgettable outdoor experiences.

With Firegear, you're not just creating a firepit but crafting an outdoor living experience. It's time to ignite your imagination and bring your vision to life with Firegear's Pro Series Burner Systems.