Are gas fire furnishings worth the investment

Are Gas Fire Furnishings Worth the Investment?

12/12/2023|by Jason Klein

As homeowners, we all seek to create a comfortable and relaxing outdoor living space. Many of us invest in outdoor furniture, decorative lighting, and landscaping to enhance the beauty and ambiance of our backyard. However, one element often overlooked is the addition of a fire feature. A fire feature can add warmth, coziness, and a focal point to any outdoor living space. But with so many choices available, from outdoor fireplaces to fire pits, how can you determine the best option for your needs? This blog post will focus on the benefits of gas fire furnishings and help you decide whether they are worth the investment over traditional wood-burning alternatives.

The Warmth and Beauty of Gas Fire Furnishings

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors but find it hard to do so in the cooler months? A firepit or fireplace can transform your outdoor living space into a cozy retreat, allowing you to enjoy time outside even when the temperatures drop. While wood-burning fire pits are traditional, gas and propane options offer several benefits worth considering.

The Benefits of Gas or Propane Fire Pits and Fireplaces

One of the most significant advantages of gas fire furnishings is that they are easy to start, require little maintenance, and do not produce smoke or ashes. Unlike wood-burning fire pits and fireplaces, which can be messy and complicated to light, a gas fireplace can be turned on with the flick of a switch. Gas fire pits and fireplaces are also safer since there is no chance of sparks flying out and causing a fire.

Furthermore, gas fire furnishings are more energy efficient, and you do not need to stock up on wood or charcoal, reducing the space required to store fuel. Gas fire furnishings are environmentally friendly, producing fewer emissions than wood-burning counterparts.

The Sanctuary Series

Gas Fire Furnishings Can Make Your Outdoor Living Space Warm, Cozy, and Relaxing

A well-designed outdoor living space can transform your backyard into a serene and calming oasis for you and your loved ones. A gas fire pit or fireplace can warm your outdoor space and extend your outdoor season by providing heat during the colder months. With a flick of the switch, you can create a serene, cozy ambiance that will make your outdoor living space feel as comfortable as your indoor living room.

Customization Options

Gas fire furnishings come in a wide range of designs, shapes, and sizes, making it easy to pick the one that suits your outdoor living space and style. You can customize your gas fire pit or fireplace by adding decorative glass, ceramic logs, and other accessories to create a unique look. Gas fire furnishings can be installed in various locations, from the center of your patio to an outdoor kitchen area, and are perfect for hosting outdoor gatherings.


Gas fire furnishings are built to last, and you can enjoy them for many years. Unlike wood-burning fireplaces that require regular maintenance, gas fire furnishings are low maintenance and do not require frequent cleaning.


Although the initial investment for a gas fire pit or fireplace may be higher than their wood-burning counterparts, they are a more cost-effective option. You will save money on fuel, servicing, and cleaning time and effort. They also have reduced insurance costs because of their safety features.

Revitalize Your Outdoor Space with Firegear

When transforming your outdoor space into a warm, inviting haven, Firegear's impressive range of gas fire furnishings is second to none. Let's look at four standout products that are not just investments but gateways to a revitalized outdoor living experience.

Kalea Bay: The Epitome of Elegance and Efficiency

Imagine the sheer elegance of a linear outdoor fireplace gracing your backyard. The Kalea Bay is more than just a fireplace; it's a statement piece that combines style and functionality. With its stunning flames and ample heat output, it's no wonder 85% of customers report an enhanced outdoor living experience.

Sanctuary Series: Your Personal Retreat

The Sanctuary Series Fire Pit isn't just a source of heat; it's a source of comfort. It's about gathering around a mesmerizing fire, sharing stories, and creating unforgettable memories. A whopping 90% of customers say the Sanctuary Series has improved their quality of outdoor life.

LUME: Traditional Charm with a Modern Twist

The LUME Smoke-less Wood-Burning Fire Pit offers the charm of a traditional wood-burning fire without the annoying smoke. With its efficient burn, you can enjoy the crackling fire, knowing that 80% of users have reported less smoke and more enjoyment.

Electric & Gas Heaters: Targeted Warmth, Whenever You Need It

Firegear's Heat Patio Heater provides targeted heat, making it ideal for seating areas or outdoor dining spaces. On top of that, Firegear's electric heaters offer quick and efficient heating at the touch of a button. With these heaters, 95% of customers noticed a significant increase in their comfort during chilly evenings.

Gas & Electric Outdoor Heaters

So, Are Gas Fire Furnishings Worth the Investment for Your Outdoor Space?

Firegear's gas fire furnishings aren't just products but experiences waiting to happen. They're about more than warmth; they're about the laughter, stories, and memories around them.

Gas fire furnishings are a great investment. They offer many benefits, from ease of use and energy efficiency to ambiance and longevity. A well-designed outdoor living space can transform your backyard into a place of relaxation and tranquility; a gas fireplace or fire pit can make that a reality. Lastly, if you are looking for a safe, low-maintenance, and cost-effective option, gas fire furnishings are the way to go.

Make your outdoor living space warm, cozy, and relaxing with the beauty and warmth of gas fire furnishings. Ready to revitalize your outdoor space with Firegear? Explore our range of products today and experience the difference for yourself.