Create your ideal outdoor living space with firegear heating solutions

Create Your Ideal Outdoor Living Space with Firegear Heating Solutions

04/04/2023|by Jason Klein

Are you looking to extend your living space outdoors? With the right heating solution, you can create an outdoor area that is warm and inviting at any time of year. Firegear has various gas and electric heating options to ensure your outdoor living space is comfortable no matter the season. Let's look at the product lines to see how to create your ideal outdoor living space with Firegear heating solutions.

Firegear for All Your Outdoor Heating Needs 

Firegear is the go-to brand for all your outdoor heating needs . From propane and natural gas heaters to electric radiant and infrared heaters, Firegear has you covered. Whether you need a permanent or portable installation in an outdoor area or a slim profile style that blends with any décor, Firegear has the perfect heater for you. Let's look at the various types of heaters available from Firegear.

DGR Series | Outdoor Infrared Propane and Natural Gas Heaters

These powerful, stylish heaters are perfect for permanent installation or portable use in outdoor areas. The DGR series comes in wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or free-standing options and provides instant infrared heat when needed. The 4-tile ceramic burner ensures maximum comfort with minimal noise, making this an ideal choice for residential or commercial applications.

DGR Series Features:

  • High-performance ceramic burner - 31,500 BTU
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications
  • World-class wind protection up to 9.9 mph (16 km/hr)
  • Provides an easy setup with some assembly required
  • 4-tile ceramic burner
  • Electronic finger pull for easy ignition and turn-off
  • Protective grille and reflector included
  • Safety tilt switch ensures safe operation

DLW Series | Outdoor/Indoor Radiant Electric Heaters

For those who want the convenience of electric heat without sacrificing style, the DLW series radiant heaters provide the perfect balance. The slim profile allows them to blend seamlessly into any décor while delivering reliable performance and effective heating solutions. Plus, the simple installation means you can have a toasty outdoor space in no time!

DLW Series Features:

  • The slim profile is perfect for ceiling and wall-mount applications
  • Warms like the sun, heating people and objects with zero visible light or glare
  • Safe, reliable design with an IP55-rating that protects against dust and water
  • Fully assembled; simply mount and hardwire using the easy-to-access top-mounted junction box
  • Offers flexibility in design with color options - choose either white or black to suit your style needs
  • Designed for permanent installations on a dedicated circuit
  • Designed for hardwired controls – switch or timer (not included)

DSH Series | Outdoor/Indoor Infrared Electric Heaters

If you're looking for an on-demand heating solution that's fast and efficient, look no further than the DSH series infrared electric heaters from Firegear. This ultra-powerful heater will provide maximum warmth with minimal noise in under six seconds – perfect for entertaining guests in your backyard or patio area!

DSH Series Features:

  • Get the heat on demand with a gold-tube quartz element that provides full power in under 6 seconds
  • Suitable for all climates, with an IP65 rating for outdoor or indoor use
  • Each heater comes with the heating element pre-installed, which eases the installation and reduces the risk of damaged, broken, or misplaced elements upon delivery
  • For optimum heat, direct the unit toward the area you want to warm up
  • Stay in control; multiple heaters can be operated with a single remote
  • The unit has a safety mechanism that automatically places the heater in Standby mode after 8 hours of continuous operation

DIR Series | Outdoor/Indoor Infrared Heaters

Introducing the DIR Series Infrared Heaters - the ultimate indoor and outdoor heating solution! These heaters boast a stunning design, featuring Schott Nextrema® glass that looks good and is incredibly durable, with high-temperature and chemical resistance. Thanks to the anodized aluminum casing, these heaters are built to last and rated for indoor and outdoor use, while the pivoting mounting bracket makes for easy positioning.

DIR Series Features:

  • Schott Nextrema® glass combines high-temperature, thermal shock, chemical resistance, excellent infrared transmission, a non-porous surface, and an attractive design
  • Ruby halogen bulb provides full power in under 6 seconds
  • IP65-rated for outdoor or indoor use
  • Anodized aluminum casing offers long life
  • Up to 5,000 hours of running life
  • Includes pivoting mounting bracket
  • Designed for permanent installations on a dedicated circuit

Trust Firegear for Maximizing Your Outdoor Space

When transforming your outdoor space into a welcoming and comfortable haven , Firegear is the name you need to know. With their impressive range of high-end outdoor fireplaces and fire furnishings and their ability to create custom projects tailored to your specific desires, there's no doubt that Firegear is the ultimate choice for maximizing your outdoor space. Beyond their excellent products, Firegear also offers an extensive selection of outdoor accessories, including everything from fire glass to fire pit burners, allowing you to truly make your outdoor space your own. Firegear to take your outdoor living to the next level and enjoy your area to the fullest.

No matter what type of outdoor living space you have in mind—from small patios to large decks—Firegear has a heating solution that will work for you. With potent gas or electric options combining style with performance and efficiency, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere is now easier than ever! So don't wait another minute—start planning your ideal outdoor living space today with Firegear heating solutions!