Quality and craftsmanship you can count on

Quality and Craftsmanship You Can Count On!

01/17/2023|by Jason Klein

At Firegear, we understand that creating a beautiful outdoor fire feature requires more than just ordering and installing a product online. Creating something exceptional takes craftsmanship, dedication, and an eye for detail. That's why all our products are hand-assembled at our Huntington Beach, CA factory, with only the highest quality materials available. Let's take a closer look at what goes into every one of our products! 

Firegear's Handcrafted, Quality Fire Features

At Firegear, we take pride in creating beautiful outdoor fire features that will last. For example, our Pro Series Burner Systems are designed to give you the best performance every time you use them.

We hand-assemble all our products at our factory in Huntington Beach, CA, and thoroughly inspect and test each burner, structure, and system for quality and craftsmanship. Learn why Firegear is the perfect choice for your outdoor fireplace. 

Quality Materials & Craftmanship 

At Firegear, we use only the highest quality materials for each product. Our Pro Series Burner Systems are constructed from solid 304 stainless steel and are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions without corroding or rusting. This means you can rest assured that your fire feature will continue looking beautiful for years to come!

Additionally, each of our products is hand inspected and packaged for shipment in Huntington Beach, CA, by our team of knowledgeable professionals. This ensures that each product is thoroughly examined before making it to you so you can enjoy your fire feature immediately! 

Tried & Tested for Excellence 

We understand how important it is to provide a high-quality product to our customers. We go to great lengths to ensure that each product meets the highest standards possible. We thoroughly inspect and test each system before leaving the factory to ensure that you are getting the best product available today! 

Why Choose Firegear?

At Firegear, we are committed to providing you with high-quality fire features that will last a lifetime. Our products are hand-assembled at our factory in Huntington Beach, California, by experienced craftsmen. This ensures that each burner system is carefully inspected and tested for excellence before it is packaged for shipment. 

The Firegear Difference

Firegear products are renowned for their quality and craftsmanship. Each piece is carefully designed with attention to detail, ensuring that when you purchase a product from them, you can trust that it has been built to last. The result of this deep commitment to quality is a product made from materials of the highest caliber and crafted with unparalleled skill. It's what they call comfort, convenience, and quality all rolled into one - something you can count on when shopping at Firegear.

Whether you're looking for a linear fireplace or an outdoor kitchen island with built-in grills, there's something here for everyone! Our Pro Series Burner Systems offer superior performance compared to other similar models today. We use high-grade materials and components to ensure maximum durability and reliability over time. Plus, we offer a wide range of models with different features so you can find the perfect fit for your outdoor space. 

Build a Relaxing Getaway in Your Backyard with Firegear

At Firegear, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful, relaxing outdoor space to enjoy with friends and family. That's why we offer high-quality fire features that are designed to last for years to come.

  • Kalea Bay Outdoor Linear Gas Fireplace - Create a stunning and inviting escape with the Kalea Bay Outdoor Linear Gas Fireplace. This beautiful gas fire feature features a long, linear design composed of 304 stainless steel for maximum durability and reliability. The flame is easily adjustable, allowing you to control the temperature and ambiance during your next gathering!

  • Sanctuary Series Fire Furnishings - Add a luxurious touch to your outdoor oasis with the Sanctuary Series Fire Furnishings. From different shapes and sizes to five different finishes, you can customize the look of your fire feature to suit your outdoor space perfectly. Enjoy a cozy night outdoors with friends and family around your beautiful fire feature!

  • LUME Smoke-Less Wood Burning Fire Pit - Create a warm and inviting atmosphere without the smoke with the LUME Smoke-Less Wood Burning Firepit. This fire feature reduces smoke and odor, making it perfect for any outdoor setting. Gain the allure of a wood-burning fire without the hassle of smoke!

  • Gas & Electric Heating - Choosing to install outdoor heaters is a fantastic way to maintain your patio or backyard warm during the winter months. Multiple varieties of these appliances exist, ranging from gas-powered models, which are more potent and durable than electric ones. On the other hand, electric versions have easier installation processes and require fewer maintenance efforts.

  • Fire Media & Accessories - Transform the look of your gas fire pit or fireplace with fire jewelry from Firegear. You can find the perfect fire media to create a unique and stylish look, from brilliant reflective glass to natural lava rock to concrete gas logs. Our accessories are also designed to help make your outdoor space even more inviting!

  • Custom Projects - Our team can also work with you to create custom projects, fire pits, and fireplaces. Our experienced artisans will help bring your vision to life while ensuring the highest quality possible. Get in touch today to learn more! At Firegear, we are committed to providing the best service and the most durable, reliable products on the market.


We at Firegear believe in creating lasting outdoor fire features with quality craftsmanship and materials that you can count on. From inspection to packaging, everything about our burners is done with precision and attention to detail so that when it arrives at your doorstep, all you have left to do is install them and enjoy! So don't wait any longer; order your next fire feature today and start experiencing the beauty of an outdoor fire feature crafted with care!