What is a smoke less fire pit

What is a Smoke-Less Fire Pit?

02/26/2022|by Jason Klein

Do you love the idea of a cozy fire in your backyard but not dealing with the smoke and soot? Traditional fire pits can be a lot of fun, but they also produce a lot of smoke and soot. It can be challenging to enjoy a fire without making your home dirty, smoky, or smelly.

smoke-less fire pit  is a perfect solution! These pits produce no smoke or soot, which means you can enjoy a cozy fire without having to worry about making your home dirty. Let's take a look at what separates these smoke-less firepits from traditional versions.

How Can a Wood-Burning Fire Pit Be Smoke-Less?

The smoke-less designation for a fire pit is not just marketing hype. A smoke-less fire pit is designed to prevent most of the smoke from escaping.

Smokeless fire pits generate heat and flickering light of a backyard fire without producing smoke, ash, or embers that are unpleasant for persons sitting around. These fire pits burn gas, wood pellets, and even biomass. They range in size from tiny portable models weighing less than 20 pounds to large full-size fire pits with a diameter of up to 30 inches.

The basic idea is each smoke-less fire pit has two walls, similar to an insulated thermos bottle. The disparity in air temperature between them is used to create additional airflow through holes in the structures of the firepit. This extra oxygen produces secondary combustion of the off-gassing molecules, which would otherwise generate smoke if not burned. 

In more detail, these firepits work by heating the air between the inner and outer walls. As the air heats up, it rises to the top and is forced out of the upper holes. The air forced out of these holes will push the smoke (unburned fuel) back into the active flames and cause them to be re-burned. Since most of the smoke molecules are burned in the secondary combustion phase, the result is significantly less smoke and soot to get in your eyes, clothes, and around your property.

The Benefits of a Smoke-Less, Wood-Burning Fire Pits

There are many benefits to owning a smoke-less fire pit. Many people don't want to deal with solid fuel fire features even though they love the experience of a backyard fire. Smoke-less wood-burning fire pits offer all the ambiance of a backyard fire without any of the smoke or soot.

You don't have to worry about leaving your seat to tend to the fire, and many models come with built-in cooking grills, making it a 2-in-1 feature. Smoke-less wood-burning fire pits are perfect for small patios or yards, and they can be used for cooking as well! You'll never have to worry about dirtying your home with soot again, and you'll love the convenience of being able to control your fire without having to leave your seat. 

Here's a list of the most popular benefits of these fire pits:

  • Reduced smoke - The smoke-less design drastically reduces the smoke and soot released.
  • Pleasurable experience - No more smelling like a bonfire or dealing with watery eyes.
  • Easy to use - You don't have to leave your seat to tend the fire, and there is no smoke or ash.
  • Environmentally friendly - smoke-less wood-burning fire pits are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional gas or charcoal grills.
  • Outdoor freshness - Enjoy the aroma of your favorite hardwood 
  • Cooking option - Many models come with cooking grills and attachments, offering a 2-in-1 product appeal.
  • Improved safety - smoke-less wood-burning fire pits are a safer option than traditional fire pits with less risk of smoke inhalation and accidental fires.
  • Sizing - Perfect for small patios or yards, smoke-less fire pits come in various sizes and designs for portable and custom permanent inserts.

Firegear Takes Smoke-Less Design to the Next Level

Firegear has redefined outdoor living for years by offering gas fire furnishings and outdoor fireplaces . With stellar craftsmanship and design, unmatched burner assemblies, a complement of ignition and control systems, plenty of fire media options , and unlimited customization, Firegear products have set the standard for creating the backyard space of your dreams with fire.

We are introducing LUME, Firegear's first-ever wood-burning fire pit, with a smoke-less, reduced-smoke design and available as standalone or as an insert in custom SRW/Pavers construction. Enjoy all the warmth and ambiance of a traditional campfire without any of the pesky smoke! 

Simply ignite your fire and let LUME take care of the rest, drastically reducing smoke emissions and soot. Its unique catalytic design allows for a longer, more consistent flame, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for an eco-friendly and hassle-free way to enjoy a cozy night around the fire. 

Firegear LUME comes in two categories:

  • Single-Sided - The LUME is a 100% commercial-grade stainless steel drop-in and freestanding reduced smoke wood fire pit that burns more efficiently and produces less smoke. The LUME is available in three sizes and can be simply put in place over a paver/SRW system. Use the log cabin technique to build your stack of wood in the open base, then light it and give it time for the fuels to burn properly. Within minutes, you may feel the heat, ambiance, and comfort of the LUME reduced-smoke fire pit.

  • Multisided - The LUME multisided unit is a 100% commercial-grade stainless steel freestanding smokeless wood fire pit that burns more effectively and emits less smoke. The LUME multisided comes in two sizes and may be used as a standalone device or a built-in unit. Using the log cabin approach, fill the pit's open base with stacked wood, light it, and then allow a few minutes for the fuels to ignite thoroughly. Within minutes, you may enjoy the warmth, ambiance, and comfort of the LUME smoke-less fire pit.

The LUME Multisided also can be configured for Sear or Non-Sear, allowing users to cook food over their hardwood fire pit.

Bring the Family Together with LUME 

The smoke-less design of the LUME makes it ideal for any family activity. The innovative design reduces smoke emissions by catalyzing the fire and takes only 15-30 minutes to get started. So you can enjoy a warm, cozy fire without the hassle or mess. Plus, LUME is made with durable materials that are built to last. So bring the beauty of a natural fireplace to your home and gather ‘round with your friends and family – LUME is guaranteed to bring everyone together!

Be the first to bring LUME to your backyard,  learn more and sign up for updates today!