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What is Fire Media? - A Guide for Outdoor Gas Fires, Features & Fireplaces

05/25/2021|by Jason Klein
Fire features are a great way to add ambiance and warmth to your backyard year-round, so you don’t have to wait for the summer months or fall evenings to enjoy them. They also provide an inviting and vibey atmosphere for parties, small get-togethers, or time alone with a book and warm drink. Besides the beautifully consistent flame and warmth they produce, fire features also contain jewelry or fire media that can make the fire more visually attractive.

Fire media is a term used to describe different types of materials used in fire pits, fire features, and gas fireplaces to add interest and ambiance for an evening event. Also called jewelry, fire media comes in many different forms and is available in colors ranging from the natural shades of black and brown to brilliant crystal, silver, blue, and bronze. 

The most popular types are gas logs, lava rock, and fire glass. Read on to explore the different kinds of fire media and how they can transform your outdoor living space.

What is Fire Media's Purpose?

Besides the visual appeal, fire media serves several purposes in outdoor fire pits. The actual burner assembly of a fire feature creates a flame that is unimpressive and localized. Adding fire media distributes the localized flame from the burner evenly to look more natural and appealing. It also helps distribute the heat throughout, creating a much larger radiance of warmth for guests lounging around on a chilly evening. 

Not to make it sound optional, fire media is required in most outdoor fire features to operate to manufacturers' specifications. The same heat distribution that warms your guests also keeps the heat distributed throughout the structure so no one part or area becomes too hot or damaged. 

What are Fire Media Gas Logs?

If you're looking for a traditional fireplace look, then natural-shaped gas logs can mimic the warm, inviting appeal of a real wood-burning fireplace. A mainstay of multi-unit dwellings, gas logs provide the natural look of wood without any smoke or smell. 

Firegear offers a wide selection of steel and concrete log and twig sets that look spectacular. These logs are designed to last and bring unmatched character to your outdoor space with multiple styles and tones.

What are Fire Media Lava Rock?

Lava rock is the perfect way to bring a little island flair into your backyard and provide plenty of warmth. With varying characteristics depending on their formation and source, they give a unique earthy feel to any backyard. This material doesn't fade or discolor over time, so it will always look as good as new. 

Affordable and durable, lava rock is well-suited for just about any kind of outdoor fire feature. You can purchase this type of fire media in various textures from Firegear. Our lava rock is rough and jagged, bringing natural, rustic beauty behind the flame, whereas lava stone is smoother for a more casual, contemporary elegance. 

What is Fire Media Fire Glass?

Fire glass is a newer type of fire media that has become quite popular and is the most decorative of the group. Made from heat-resistant tempered glass, fire glass is specially designed to withstand extreme heat conditions and create a shimmering, vibrant look due to its glossy surface. With the appearance of decadent jewelry, bring the evening alive with a contemporary flair that only reflective fire glass can bring to your outdoor seating area.

Fire glass offers the broadest range of colors, textures, and shapes of all the fire media available. Fire glass comes in various colors, including black, which is perfect for any nighttime event when you want to add some drama to your backyard space. For a complete listing of large reflective glass and broken glass from Firegear, visit the  Jewelry section  of our website. 

Customize to Your Preference

Many homeowners like to use a mixture of media for their outdoor fire feature. A popular combination of Firegears' customers uses lava rock as a base and then adds fire glass on top for a dazzling effect. Likewise, lava rock can be used with logs arranged on top. The choice is yours to mix and match fire media to fit your outdoor area theme and style.

Whether using a single type or a combination, there are guidelines for the total amount of fire media used in a fire feature. Too little can limit the function and distribution of heat, and too much media can affect the fire feature's gas pressure, operation, and safety. Check out our thorough guide of "How Much Media Should I Use," available  here   on our website. It shares the recommended amounts of fire media for each of our fireplaces and fire features. 


A fire pit can be the perfect addition to any backyard. Not only does it create a cozy atmosphere, but these pits also serve as an ideal way of dispersing heat and adding style in one single package.